Knowledgeable & Experienced Dentistry in a Friendly Atmosphere

Dr. Spalenka is a very skilled and experienced dentist that uses technology for quality dental work, efficiency and comfort.

Dr. Spalenka and his professional staff are dedicated to providing patients with caring, informative and the most up-to-date, state-of-the-art techniques and procedures.He offers a full range of dental services including cosmetic and restorative dentistry. From professional whitening, veneers, one-visit porcelain crowns, implants and treating periodontal (gum) disease, Dr. Spalenka uses the latest in high-tech dentistry to ensure your treatments are comfortable and pain free.

You will find our office very friendly and our service excellent. We welcome families and everyone here loves kids. We are dedicated to our patients’ overall health and well-being and are equipped to provide them with a lifetime of care.

Missing Teeth? We Have the Solution

Over the past 30 years, major advances in the field of Oral Implantology have made dental implants widely accepted as the treatment of choice when replacing missing teeth. As the amount of dentists who use dental implants in their practice increases, it becomes more important to choose an experienced and knowledgeable practitioner with advanced training and accurate judgement.

Dr. Spalenka is a highly qualified and fully equipped to perform dental implant procedures right in the comfort of our office, giving patients the best option for replacing missing teeth.

Gentle and Caring

Dr. Spalenka uses the latest in high-tech dentistry as well as the comforts of home to ensure that his treatment is gentle and pain-free. For added comfort, we offer our patients Bose noise reduction headphones to listen to music or block out unwanted noise. We even have pillows and homemade crocheted blankets!

If you require an injection, Dr. Spalenka uses topical anesthesia to numb the site and then a neutral PH anesthetic that does not contain a vassal constrictor and therefore won’t make your heart race. He even warms up the solution so you don’t notice the anesthetic. This is especially great for kids.