Friendly, Gentle Family Dentistry in San Diego

Family Dentistry in San Diego

We make children feel comfortable at the dentist.

Family dentistry means we treat all members of the family. From grandparents to the little ones, we can treat everyone, under one roof, in our comfortable, friendly office.

We are especially good at making children feel at ease, which is vital in getting their agreement to do any dental procedures.

When possible, and practical, we can even schedule appointments for the whole family together.

Expert Dental Care for Children

We encourage our parents to bring in their children as young as possible so that they will see their parents getting their teeth cleaned and also get to meet Dr. Spalenka. In this way they are already comfortable in our office when it’s time for their own check-ups.

The best thing you can do for your kid’s teeth is to have Dr. Spalenka apply dental sealants so that they don’t get cavities while they are learning good oral hygiene. Of course, parents should also encourage their children to brush and floss every day, eat healthy foods and avoid candy and foods with lots of sugar.

Child friendly dental work

If your child needs dental work that requires some type of anesthetic, Dr. Spalenka has the solution! He uses a topical solution to first numb the area and then injects a warm anesthetic called Nutual PH.
This will help your child feel more comfortable and more at ease about getting dental work that might seem scary or painful.

With the use of microscopes, Dr. Spalenka is often able to avoid the use of anesthesia when a cavity is very shallow and nowhere near an area of sensitivity.

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